Transformative Actions Program receives over 100 applications!

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The final deadline for applications to the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) was reached on 15 September 2015. We are delighted to announce that over 100 applications to the program have been received from cities all around the world! This extraordinary response demonstrates the commitment of cities to transformative action on climate change.

A visualization of the projects is available on the TAP MAP on the TAP website.

From these applications, up to 100 will be selected to be displayed at the “Cities and Regions Pavilion – TAP2015”, which will be located at the Le Bourget site of the crucial UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris this December. The Cities and Regions Pavilion is jointly hosted by ICLEI, the City of Paris, and the City of Bristol. Both cities have submitted applications to the TAP.

The TAP selection panel will look for applications that are ambitious, inclusive and cross-cutting, as explained in this blog post. Selected cities will be informed at the end of October.

Although projects have not yet been selected, ICLEI is profiling some on a blog series called “TAPplications”. So far, profiled cities are:

Nord-Pas de Calais
Basque Country
Delta State

TAP and the Compact of Mayors

Of the cities that have submitted applications to the TAP, 32 are also committed to the Compact of Mayors – the world’s largest coalition of city leaders addressing climate change by pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, tracking their progress and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

As transformational climate projects, the TAP submissions will help the cities to achieve the targets set out by the Compact of Mayors. ICLEI encourages all cities to commit to the Compact of Mayors and to use the TAP projects in conjunction with this.

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