The Future of Climate Finance is Subnational

COP 27, Multilevel Action Pavilion | 11 November 1:30 EET

The session will feature finance instruments and approaches that could play a critical role in financing climate emergency. A special attention will be given to the implementation of Art 6.8 and the engagement of cities and regions in non-market approaches (e.g. fiscal transfers), the role of Subnational Development Banks, pipeline of investment-ready projects and guarantees/bonds. 


Introduction to Land Value Capture

Webinar | Lincoln Institute

This 90-minute webinar introduced the fundamental principles of land value capture and demonstrate how and why it can be used as a financing source for governments. The event provided an overview of how different types of climate resilient investments impact land values, and the different types of land value capture tools that governments can use to finance the investments.


Developing investment-ready projects 

ICLEI World Congress | 11 May 2022 – 1:45pm CEST

In spite of the significant efforts made in the past years, there is still a huge gap between the availability and accessibility of finance for climate friendly urban projects. Mostly due to political, technical and financial constraints, sub-national governments are often unable to access the finance they would need to design infrastructure projects, which helps in their path towards a net zero emission and climate resilient development. This session aims to showcase successful projects with high transformative impact potential and through a peer-exchange exercise empower local governments to develop projects with partners that are more likely to attract finance, considering the challenges and barriers they may face.


How to build strong applications to TAP

TAP Webinar | 27 April 2022 – 10:00 or 16:00 CEST

With the next call opening on the 13 of May 2022, this webinar focused on explaining the application and evaluation processes. Participants also had the opportunity to learn what are the key elements of a successful TAP application.

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