The Path to Finance: How to Pitch Climate Projects

Daring Cities TAP Pitch Event | 28 October 2021 – 09:00 UTC+1

The TAP Asia-Africa Pitch Event will focus on financing opportunities for urban development projects. To provide a better understanding of technical assistance and funding opportunities, first a panel of international financing institutions and project preparation facility providers will give an overview of existing sources and practical examples on how to access these. Following, eight TAP projects developers from Africa and Asia will pitch their project to a jury composed by representatives from the finance sector. This will help not only them, but also other project developers attending the eventĀ  to understand the gaps and weaknesses of the project concepts, and gain insights into the criteria and expectations of financial partners.


Finance flowing to accelerate Climate Action: Innovation and Partnership

COP 26| 03 November 2021 – 13:00 UTC+1

The session divided into three parts will give an insight: (i) First, local government representatives from Europe, South America and Africa sharing their challenges to secure finance. (ii) This will be followed by financial institution representatives showcasing the instruments they offer. (iii) Finally, the third moment will be an exchange between the local governments and financial experts discussing how to improve collaboration and upscale action, allowing cities to accelerate their climate ambition.

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