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The TAP Resource Center includes all the tools, publications and training materials relevant to project preparation.


Climate Finance Decision Making Tree and Guidance

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This decision-making tree guides local and regional governments through a series of questions that help them consider and find the most suitable financing tools.

Climate Finance Opportunities

This catalogue of opportunities features financial institutions and other actors that have programs, funds and initiatives which support local and governments in their project preparation and implementation.

Climate Finance Reports and Tools

This inventory of studies, reports, guidance and toolkits includes links to various knowledge centers and learning platforms.

Climate Finance Glossary

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This resource is a collection of essential terms and definitions used in international climate finance, financing mechanisms and finance in general.

Bankability Checklist

Although there is no commonly approved definition of bankability, this checklist collects the benchmarks funders looks at before financing a climate project.

Successful local government fundraising and project pitching

Using the example of Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil, this knowledge product gives practical tips on successful fundraising and project pitching.

PPP Inventory

This PPP inventory summarizes the steps to establish a public private partnership, models and challenges at the local level.

TAP Pitch Template

This pitch template was developed for the marketplaces and pitch events we organize for our projects.  

Introduction to Carbon Markets

This document provides an overview of the different types of markets and regulations to help local governments to identify the most suitable carbon market mechanism.

TAP Brochure 2024 – About us

The Transformative Actions Program (TAP) empowers local and regional governments to transform their net-zero emissions and resilient development infrastructure concepts into mature, robust and investment-ready projects qualifying for financing and implementation.

Daring Cities – Compendium of best practices

This Compendium consists of a compilation of best practices shared by city representatives, decision-makers and key stakeholders, aiming to showcase successful stories at the subnational level.


Biodigester Training Modules

This resource serves to disseminate knowledge and raise awareness about renewable energy, with a particular focus on bioenergy and biodigesters. It consists of training modules to build local capacities on the usage and routine operation & maintenance of biodigester technologies and systems. This trainer’s guide contains information that supplements that which is already available in the modules.

Modules de Formation: Biodigesteurs

Cette ressource sert à diffuser les connaissances et à sensibiliser aux énergies renouvelables, avec un accent particulier sur la bioénergie et les biodigesteurs. Il s’agit de modules de formation destinés à renforcer les capacités locales en matière d’utilisation, d’exploitation et d’entretien des technologies et des systèmes de biodigesteurs. Ce guide du formateur contient des informations qui complètent celles déjà disponibles dans les modules.


Green Recovery Checklist for Urban Projects (GIZ / FELICITY)

This is a set of key questions for urban institutions / project promoters and project preparation facilities to support the preparation of infrastructure projects that contribute to a sustainable and climate-friendly recovery.

Guidance Checklists: Preparation of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Projects (GIB)

This guide provides project developers with the basic checklists and guidance to help projects towards sustainability, resilience and successful implementation.

Bankability Checklist

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, November 2020

Successful local government fundraising and project pitching

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, August 2020

Climate Finance Decision making tree

Available in: English | Français | Español | Português | 中文.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, December 2019.

Climate Finance Opportunities

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, 2019

Climate Finance Glossary

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, December 2019.

Climate Finance Bibliography

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, December 2019.

Finance Toolkit

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, December 2019.

Overview of Financial Sources at National Level

International Urban Cooperation Programme. 2019.

Overview of International Financial Sources and Institutions

International Urban Cooperation programme. 2018.

Climate Investment Opportunities in Cities – An IFC Analysis

International Finance Corporation. 2018.

Summary of Good Practice of Successful Project Preparation Facilities.

CCFLA, 2018. Authors: Basil Oberholzer, Katharina Schneider-Roos, Charlotte Boulanger, and Maryke van Staden

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