OECD joins the TAP as a partner organization

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The OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – has joined the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) as a partner organization. Based on past fruitful collaboration, this new partnership will greatly contribute to shared goals of rendering cities more sustainable and building the capacities of cities and their stakeholders in order to tackle their greatest challenges.

THE OECD has great expertise in assisting the development of cities such through projects including the Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Program. We are very proud to welcome the OECD as our newest partner to the TAP and we look forward to jointly working towards the common goals of increasing climate investment in urban areas over the next ten years and assisting cities in designing bankable and transformative projects.

For more information on the OECD, please visit their website at www.oecd.org

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