Sege Park Malmö – a Model for Affordable and Climate Smart Living

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition, Urban planning & design

Sege Park in Malmö was developed as a hospital area in the 1930s. After it was dismantled, the buildings were abandoned. Now the city is using the area as a model of sustainable living, with some buildings showcasing renewable energy production and others used for student housing or preschools. Currently around 85 students live in Sege Park, but the city plans to build 800 new apartments, along with a range of buildings for other purposes. Each construction will be evaluated in six categories: sustainability, cultural value, character, functionality, green space and energy. The vision is to create a tranquil community in a green area near the city center.

Name of government: City of Malmö
Country: Sweden
Population: 312.994 (2013)
Area: 332.29 km²
Head of Government Director of Environment Department Kerstin Åkerwall
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