Greenhouse Augustenborg in Ecotown Augustenborg

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition, Food security / Urban agriculture

The Augustenborg area in Malmö already serves as an example of sustainable development for other areas of the city, as well as for international visitors. Now the city is going further with the Greenhouse Augustenborg housing development. 46 apartments will be developed initially, with the potential for upscaling the project to other areas. The apartments will be nearly zero energy buildings with local electricity production, adapted for urban agriculture, with shared gardens an eco-friendly kindergarten. The project will cater to the demands of an emerging customer group, which seeks to incorporate sustainability into its urban lifestyle.

Name of government: City of Malmö
Country: Sweden
Population: 312.994 (2013)
Area: 332.29 km²
Head of Government Director of Environment Department Kerstin Åkerwall
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