Projeto de mapeamento das areas criticas do Recife

Focus: Adaptation, Mitigation
Sector(s): Urban planning & design

Recife aims to improve its housing situation, a longstanding issue in the city. The municipal administration is therefore mapping 4,460 hectares of Recife in detail, which corresponds to 33 percent of the inhabited areas of the city. First, the administration will map the low-income areas. Secondly, it will use a census to gather data on areas with particular social issues. Thirdly, it will create a study to highlight points with high social, economic and environmental vulnerability. Lastly, the administration will use the data to develop an Integrated Sanitation Project, addressing the most pressing needs of the city in its most low-income areas.

Name of government: Municipality of Recife
Country: Brazil
Population: 1.537.704 (2010)
Area: 218.435 km²
Head of Government Prefeito da Cidade do Recife Geraldo Julio Melo
Current term 01.01.2012 –
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