Centros de Reciclaje

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Waste management, Water

The city is constructing five recycling centers with a focus on innovative design and sustainable construction. The centers will focus on separating waste, recycling where appropriate and sending other categories of waste to third parties for treatment. The project has a particular focus on citizen education and engagement, and will seek to involve vulnerable sectors of the community. At the centers, it will be possible for citizens to exchange books, magazines and CDs, or to restore used furniture with the help of skilled assistants. In this way, the recycling centers will become hubs of social engagement and will increase cohesion as well as reducing waste.

Name of government: Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito
Country: Ecuador
Population: 2.671.191 (2014)
Area: 4232 km²
Head of Government Doctor Mauricio Rodas
Current term 14.05.14 – 14.05.19
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