The Bristol Brain – Reimagining the way we plan for the future

Focus: Adaptation, Mitigation
Sector(s): Education / Social & governance innovation, ICT & smart data, Smart city

Bristol is seeking a better way to develop coherent strategies for low carbon development. It has therefore developed the “Bristol Brain” – an urban simulator that combines data from a network of city-wide sensors with data gathered from the public. The simulator then analyzes the data and creates scenarios to visualize a range of possible futures for the city. The first focus for the Bristol Brain will be traffic congestion and air quality. The project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 8-12 percent (400,000 tons per year), and will also lead to a significant reduction in harmful nitrous oxide particulates.

Name of government:  Bristol City Council
Country:  United Kingdom
Population:  432.000
Area:  111.5 km2
Head of Government  Mayor George Ferguson
Current term  01.11.12 – 01.05.16
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