Programa Reciclando Atitudes

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Education / Social & governance innovation, Waste management, Water

With a population of nearly 2.5 million, Fortaleza generates a large amount of waste – significantly more than other Brazilian cities. Informal dumps throughout the city accumulate a large amount of the waste. To resolve this issue, Fortaleza has developed the Recycling Attitudes Program. The program will educate citizens on the importance of recycling and encourage participation; promote cooperation between citizens and government agencies; and provide sorting centers for waste. Fortaleza will ensure that garbage collectors are included in the initiative, and hopes that the program will improve quality of life for all citizens.

Name of government: Municipality of Fortaleza
Country: Brazil
Population: 2.452.185 (2010)
Area: 320.12 km²
Head of Government Prefeito Roberto Cláudio Rodrigues Bezerra
Current term
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