Programa de Transporte Publico TRANS 450

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport

TRANS 450 is part of Tegucigalpa’s strategy to achieve sustainability in the short, medium and long term. It will improve mobility in the city by rehabilitating and improving urban infrastructure and the public transport system. Included in this is the development of a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which will provide a new mobility option for around 700,000 people. The BRT will revolutionize transport in the city, introducing measures including exclusive lanes for bus traffic, fixed platforms for stops, traffic control in favor of buses, the renovation of sidewalks and public spaces, and payment at terminals outside of the buses.

Name of government: Tegucigalpa, Municipality of the Central District
Country: Honduras
Population: 1.059.546 (2013)
Area: 1501.63 km²
Head of Government Alcalde Municipal Nasry Asfura Zablah
Current term
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