Plan Climat Energie Territorial (Climate Plan)

Focus: Adaptation, Mitigation
Sector(s): Adaptation / Resilience / Disaster risk reduction, Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition

In Senegal, the national government often resists the transfer of skills and autonomy to the local level, perceiving local authorities as unqualified to address the risks of climate change. To demonstrate that it is fully prepared to mitigate and adapt as a city, Dakar has developed a Climate Air Energy Plan. Based on a comprehensive survey, Dakar will create actions to be approved by the Mayor and will ensure implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Aims include improving energy access and consumption, promoting a diversified urban mobility, preparing Dakar for the effects of climate change and mobilizing economic actors around energy and climate issues.

Name of government: City Council of Dakar
Country: Senegal
Head of Government
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