NAMA Zona Verde para el Transporte en Santiago

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport

To reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, Santiago is creating a Green Zone for Transport. The project includes four initiatives:

  • Promoting of the use of vehicles with zero or low emissions, especially in the municipality’s vehicle fleet
  • Developing a more efficient public transport system
  • Promoting the use of non-motorized transport through an increase in the number of bike lanes and bikes available through the bike sharing system
  • Increasing pedestrian and semi-pedestrian spaces by widening sidewalks

The city will measure the impacts of its initiatives and review them on a regular basis before expanding them to other districts of the city.

Name of government: Municipality of Santiago de Chile
Country: Chile
Population: 308.000
Area:  42116.00 km²
Head of Government Alcaldesa Carolina Tohá Morales
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