MultiAdapt – Multifunctional adaptation as a tool to address different hazards: focus on climate regulation, flood control and food security

Focus: Adaptation
Sector(s): Adaptation / Resilience / Disaster risk reduction, Food security / Urban agriculture

Almada’s location leaves it highly vulnerable to flash floods, particularly following heat waves. As the frequency of such events is projected to increase dramatically by 2100, Almada is implementing the “MultiAdapt” project. This involves the construction of four vegetable gardens, designed to absorb the water runoff in the flood plain during storms by serving as a filtration area. The gardens will also mitigate the urban heat island effect, contribute to Almada’s food security and improve the urban water cycle. Almada’s citizens will thus benefit from the vegetable gardens both during and outside of extreme weather events.

Name of government: City of Almada
Country:  Portugal
Population:  173.298 (2011)
Area:  70.2 km2
Head of Government  Mayor Joaquim Judas
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