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Explorer – via une approche prospective novatrice – et Développer des innovations écologiques, sociales et économiques en faveur d’une relocalisation de l’économie et la construction d’un nouveau modèle de développement territorial plus soutenable

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Food security / Urban agriculture, Urban planning & design

Grande-Synthe has experienced rapid growth and industrialization since the 1970s. In response, it has been working for over 15 years on sustainable development initiatives. Now it is going further, with a “City in Transition” strategy. In particular, the city will explore alternative local exchange systems to develop more sustainable and responsible patterns of consumption and production. The city will also look for innovative, resilient and sustainable solutions to the basic needs of the local population: housing, food, transport and employment. The program will be based on a participatory approach and will foster coherence between different levels of government.

Name of government: City of Grande-Synthe
Country:  France
Population: 21.413 (2015)
Area: 640.679 km²
Head of Government Maire Damien Careme
Current term
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