Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport

The City of Gothenburg and AB Volvo realized that they share the same vision of developing a sustainable public transport system and demonstrating it in Gothenburg, home of the AB Volvo headquarters. Together they have developed ElectriCity, a cooperative venture bringing together industry, research and society in the development and testing of new solutions for next-generation sustainable public transport. On 15 June 2015 a new bus route was launched, offering quiet, exhaust-free buses powered by electricity from renewable sources. New bus stops, traffic management systems and safety concepts, as well as systems for energy supply and storage, are being developed.

Name of government: Gothenburg Municipality
Country:  Sweden
Population: 544.285 (2015)
Area: 1030.7 km²
Head of Government  Mayor Anneli Hulthen
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