EcoMobility World Festival 2017

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport, Education / Social & governance innovation

Around 80 percent of Chinese Taipei’s citizens use private cars or scooters in daily life, generating air and noise pollution, traffic jams and accidents. Kaohsiung will demonstrate a new vision by hosting the EcoMobility World Festival 2017. A car-free zone will be created to demonstrate to citizens and visitors how car dependency can be relieved. A travel center will be constructed to manage the flow, and shuttle bus services will be provided. In collaboration with residents, a variety of car-free day activities will be conducted. Kaohsiung is already a leader in sustainable transport, with a rental bike system, 750 kilometers of cycle paths and multiple public transport systems.

Name of government: Kaohsiung City Government
Country: Chinese Taipei
Population: 2.778.992 (2015)
Area: 29.518.524 km2
Head of Government Mayor Chu Chen
Current term  25.12.14 – 25.12.18
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