Améliorer la résilience aux inondations dans deux quartiers précaires de la ville de Douala

Focus: Adaptation
Sector(s): Adaptation / Resilience / Disaster risk reduction

Douala is growing at a rate of 6 percent per year, and the neighborhoods targeted by the pilot phase of Douala’s project have a population density of 326 inhabitants per hectare. As the city grows, it becomes harder to provide water, electricity and sanitation for the poorest areas of the city. In addition, migrants to the city are creating informal settlements in high-risk locations, such as floodplains or on steep hillsides. Douala is therefore establishing a plan to redevelop and equip the poorest areas of the city, particularly with respect to the risk of flooding, which is exacerbated in Douala by a lack of adequate drainage.

Name of government: City of Douala
Country: Cameroon
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