Agricultura Urbana de Quito como aporte a una ciudad sostenible

Focus: Adaptation, Mitigation
Sector(s): Education / Social & governance innovation, Food security / Urban agriculture, Green economy / Green growth

The Participatory Urban Agriculture Project (AGRUPAR) is a flagship project for the city. Launched in 2002, it now brings together over 12,000 farmers and over 400 community-based organizations to strengthen food security and sovereignty for the city. The project has also generated a number of co-benefits through innovation: low-cost water harvesting techniques are combined with drip irrigation specially designed for small production units, and the project has introduced new techniques for animal husbandry, food processing, biodiversity conservation and crop exchange.

Name of government: Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito
Country: Ecuador
Population: 2.671.191 (2014)
Area: 4232 km²
Head of Government Doctor Mauricio Rodas
Current term 14.05.14 – 14.05.19
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