Taking ecomobility and public transport transformation forward in the North East Quadrant of Johannesburg

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport

Building on the success of the EcoMobility World Festival 2015, Johannesburg is developing and implementing an integrated public transport plan to improve public transport for all residents and workers. In particular, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be extended to the North East quadrant of the city, and cycling and pedestrian infrastructure will be improved to offer a wider range of mobility options. The plan will reduce congestion and create a healthier, more livable city.

Name of government: City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
Country: South Africa
Population: 4.434.827 (2011)
Area: 1645 km2
Head of Government Mayor Mpho Franklyn (Parks) Tau
Current term 01.05.11 – 01.06.16
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