Pass’Réno Habitat 93

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition

In Seine-Saint-Denis, the residential sector is the most energy-intensive sector after transport. To meet its objectives to halve energy consumption and to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of four by 2050, the region is implementing a massive thermal renovation project for existing buildings. To make this happen, the Pass’Réno Habitat 93 initiative will offer support services to professionals and residents. For residents, Pass’Réno Habitat 93 guarantees a single contact throughout the whole energy renovation process. For professionals, Pass’Réno Habitat 93 offers new development opportunities and the strengthening of the training system.

Name of government: Department of Seine-Saint-Denis
Country: France
Population: 1.538.726 (2012)
Area: 238.908 km²
Head of Government Président du Conseil départemental Stéphane Troussel
Current term 01.04.15 –
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