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n May 2015, ICLEI and partners launched the Transformative Actions Program (TAP), inviting local governments from around the world to submit their ambitious, cross-cutting and inclusive climate plans and projects in a major drive to highlight local action and improve access to funding.

Municipalities, cities and regions from all continents have expressed their interest in and support for the program. ICLEI is currently in discussions with local governments from countries including Sweden, France, Spain, China and Korea.

The wide range of partners on the TAP project have engaged in outreach campaigns, joining together in a concerted effort to mobilize and spotlight transformative action in the build-up to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December this year.

In the last month, the TAP has received a positive response from cities and policy-makers alike at major stakeholder events such as the the 5th GIB Sustainable Infrastructure Summit (a networking event for cities and investors) and the Resilient Cities 2015 Congress.

Most recently, the TAP was presented at the latest Bonn Climate Talks at the UNFCCC to support a more global recognition of local governments in the area of climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Global negotiations are progressing, and will culminate in an agreement at the COP21. The shape of this agreement is already clear: it will offer a framework for national governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Local and regional governments must support this negotiation process but must also continue to act, regardless of the outcome.

The TAP will help local and regional governments to show national governments what they can do. Recognition of local action at a national level is increasing, but more is required. By highlighting transformative local actions in the TAP Pavilion, ICLEI and partners will drive national governments at COP21 to tackle climate change at all levels, supporting and empowering local and regional governments to make major contributions.

The TAP application process continues. The deadline for the next round of applications is 15 July. The last deadline is 15 August. No applications will be accepted after 15 September.

If you are interested in TAP and would like to learn more about the program, you can also sign up to one of our webinars!

During these TAP webinars a member of ICLEI’s TAP Team will briefly present the project and answer any questions you may have.

Sign up to one of the following TAP webinars:

20 July (in English)
21 July (in English)


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