Ekurhuleni Community Driven Urban Agriculture

Focus: Adaptation
Sector(s): Adaptation / Resilience / Disaster risk reduction, Food security / Urban agriculture

Ekurhuleni is a water-scarce region grappling with the effects of climate change on rainfall and food security for the poorer communities within the region. As part of its response, it has developed the Ekurhuleni Community Driven Urban Agriculture project. Land owned by the municipality will be made available for an at-risk community to develop an urban agriculture project. The surrounding houses will be retrofitted to collect rainwater, and the surface run-off will be directed to a flood attenuation collection point. Produce grown in the gardens will be sold at the regional market, and education on economic development will be provided.

Name of government: Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
Country: South Africa
Population:  3.1 million people
Area:  1975 KM2 (kilometers squared)
Head of Government  Cllr Mondli Gugubele
Current term  2011 – 2016
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