What is the TAP?

The Transformative Actions Program (TAP) is an innovative initiative that aims to catalyze and improve capital flows to cities, towns and regions and strengthen their capacity to access climate finance and attract investment.

Through the TAP and its partners, local and regional governments can receive support to develop their infrastructure project concepts into highly transformative, mature, robust and bankable project ready for financing and implementation.

The TAP connects local and regional governments, technical experts and financial institutions.

The four TAP pillars

TAP pipeline

The TAP Project Pipeline serves as an incubator, collecting and screening applications based on their “transformative” potential. TAP projects bearing the TAP seal of approval can benefit from TAP Services, connect to project preparation facilities and be displayed on the TAP and other platforms.

TAP Services

Local and regional governments have access to tailor-made services from ICLEI and TAP partners during the whole project cycle, from early stage project definition to long-term mentoring, with the aim to develop robust and bankable project concepts. TAP partners engage either financially or technically, supporting capacity building, development feasibility studies and guiding the financeability and design of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

TAP Platform

The online TAP Platform displays select applications in the pipeline in a centralized, uniform format that optimizes visibility to potential investors and funders.

It is a first stop for local and regional governments and funders seeking information on ambitious and transformative local infrastructure projects committed to low-to-no emission and climate-resilient development.

TAP advocacy

TAP as an advocacy tool that presents the demand and diversity of local infrastructure projects, promotes multi-level governance and  calls for effective financing mechanisms to scale up climate action.

Through its four pillars, the TAP works to:

  • Provide evaluation, feedback and quality assurance services for transformative action project proposals.
  • Lower the barrier to effective and efficient cooperation between local and regional governments and public and private financial institutions.
  • Build trust among local and regional governments, financial institutions and investors to lower risk.
  • Contribute to the creation of new financing mechanisms and the improvement of existing instruments.
  • Strengthen the impact of local climate projects and better position local and regional governments to attract investment and funding.
  • Raise the visibility of transformative actions and innovative local financing mechanisms to encourage investment, funding and replication.
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