Proyecto piloto de recuperación y manejo de quebradas urbanas

Focus: Adaptation, Mitigation
Sector(s): Biodiversity / Ecosystems, Waste management, Water

As Bogotá’s population and economy has grown, urban and rural systems have become increasingly fragmented. The city’s development plan seeks to address this by engaging communities in the protection and recovery of water-related ecosystems. The projects will reduce soil erosion and improve the quality of water in the streams and rivers, improving the health of Bogotá’s citizens. By recovering the structural features and ecological processes damaged by human activity, the project will also increase resilience and contribute to climate change adaptation.

Name of government:  Municipality of Bogotá
Country:  Colombia
Population:  7.363.782 (2010)
Area:  1587 km2
Head of Government  Alcalde Mayor Gustavo Petro
Current term  – 01.01.16
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