Programa de Mobilidade Urbana Sustentável de Fortaleza

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport

As Fortaleza has grown, its transport systems have developed to favor the car. To redress the balance, the city has developed the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The Plan will extend three current initiatives: city bus lanes, cycle paths and a bike sharing system. Fortaleza aims to introduce an additional 129 kilometers of bus lanes and 526 kilometers of cycle paths by 2030, and to provide 12,000 bikes through the sharing scheme.  In addition, the Plan will introduce shared electric cars, with the aim of offering 500 electric cars by 2030. Together, these initiatives will reduce CO2 emissions by 7.5 megatons over 15 years.

Name of government: Municipality of Fortaleza
Country: Brazil
Population: 2.452.185 (2010)
Area: 320.12 km²
Head of Government Prefeito Roberto Cláudio Rodrigues Bezerra
Current term
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