Pioneer Project of Adaptive BiodiverCity (PPABC) in Kaohsiung City

Focus: Adaptation
Sector(s): Adaptation / Resilience / Disaster risk reduction, Biodiversity / Ecosystems

Kaohsiung’s biodiversity is threatened by habitat loss, invasive species, overfishing, and climate change. The city has united various governmental departments to address the problem in a holistic fashion, while prioritizing citizen education. The Environmental Protection Bureau has signed an agreement with seven local NGOs to train communities in conducting ecological surveys. It has also promoted a mobile phone app – “Colorful Melody – Metropolitan Biodiversity Map” – that allows citizens to independently conduct ecological observations and upload voice recordings to a central database. Through this effort, the city not only receives valuable biodiversity data but establishes the foundation for building an ecologically-minded community.

Name of government: Kaohsiung City Government
Country: Chinese Taipei
Population: 2.778.992 (2015)
Area: 29.518.524 km2
Head of Government Mayor Chu Chen
Current term  25.12.14 – 25.12.18
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