Piloto de Súper manzana Sector Paseo Rumipamba, Recinto Histórico San Felipe, Río Pasto, Calle 18 Av. Panamericana

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport, Urban planning & design

The city of Pasto, Colombia, currently suffers from a fragmented and disjointed urban transportation system. Infrastructure for pedestrians and bikes is lacking, and the absence of public space makes it difficult for people to access both housing and industry. To combat these problems, Pasto has developed an ambitious and holistic plan. The city will reorder itself into “street superblocks”: 500m by 500m areas composed of several currently existing blocks. The street superblocks will function as cells within the body of the city. By consolidating the public transport onto the arterial road network, the superblocks will help to liberate 75 percent of the local road network.

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Name of government: Municipality of San Juan de Pasto
Country: Colombia
Population: 417.484 (2011)
Area: 1181 km²
Head of Government Alcalde Harold Guerrero López
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