One Less Nuclear Power Plant

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition

Seoul’s “One Less Nuclear Power Plant” initiative was implemented in order to respond to the potential crisis caused by the continually rising demand for electricity. The project generated rapid reductions in electricity, gas and oil consumption and Seoul was able to achieve its goal of saving two million TOE. In the second phase, Seoul is carrying out 88 projects to achieve energy self-sufficiency and to promote sharing and participation. The city is pursuing four major policy goals:

  • to become a decentralized energy generating city;
  • to establish an efficient and low energy social structure;
  • to create jobs through innovation; and
  • to establish energy-sharing communities.
Name of government: Seoul Metropolitan Government
Country: Republic of Korea
Population: 10.383.651 (2014)
Area: 605.21 km2
Head of Government Mayor Won-soon Park
Current term
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