NanumHatbit Plant (Caring RE) * Nanum(나눔 in Korean means caring or sharing), Hatbit(햇빛 in Korean indicates solar energy)

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition

To help with energy security and greenhouse gas emissions reductions, Suwon is constructing solar power plants in partnership with civil society. The city plans to construct 20 plants, and has already constructed three. Awareness campaigns will help to engage citizens. The plants are expected to produce 2,410MWh per year, to reduce CO2 emissions by 1,000 tons, to replace 500TOE of fossil fuels, and to create KRW 15,000 million of total net profit in the project period. The projected profits will be used to benefit the urban poor, the elderly and the unemployed, increasing social cohesion.

Name of government: City of Suwon
Country: Republic of Korea
Population: 1.147.246 (2012)
Area: 121 km2
Head of Government Mayor Yeom Tae Young
Current term
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