Mise en valeur de l’écoterritoire de la falaise Saint-Jacques

Focus: Adaptation
Sector(s): Biodiversity / Ecosystems, Urban planning & design

The Saint-Jacques cliff in Montreal is one of 10 ecoterritories identified by the municipality as areas of particular importance. To regenerate this site, Montreal has developed a plan that has been unanimously approved by all stakeholders. The city will develop a public space accessible to citizens offering diverse facilities; a green strip of land at the foot of the cliff; wetlands to manage storm water, which will also contribute to an increase in biodiversity and to a diverse habitat for wildlife; and a bridge connecting the cliff space to neighboring districts and parts of the surrounding territory. The various measures will also help with problems including air pollution and the urban heat island effect.

Name of government: City of Montréal
Country: Canada
Population: 1.731.245 (2014)
Area:  500 km2
Head of Government Maire Denis Ménard
Current term  01.11.2013 – 01.11.2017
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