Iluminación Pública Ornamental Eficiente en Lima

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition

Lima is replacing its conventional street lighting with efficient LED lighting. This will increase security, as LEDs provide a higher intensity of lighting for the same amount of energy. In addition, the energy saved through the use of LEDs will be used to provide electricity to homes, businesses and industries that do not currently have access. It is estimated that total costs of lighting will be reduced by 50 percent, particularly as LEDs have a much higher life span than conventional incandescent lighting. The change will also highlight the commitment of the municipal government to improving public space and increasing the welfare of citizens and visitors.

Name of government: Municipality of Lima
Country: Peru
Population: 9.752.000 (2015)
Area: 2672 km²
Head of Government Alcalde Oscar Luis Castañeda Lossio
Current term  01.01.15 – 01.01.19
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