Consolidation and extension of the Ecoenergies district heating and cooling network in Barcelona

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Carbon reduction / Low-carbon transition

The Port of Barcelona has one of the largest regasification terminals in southern Europe, with a capacity of 625,000m3 per hour. As this resource has not been sufficiently utilized, Barcelona has developed the EcoEnergies project in partnership with the private enterprise VEOLIA. The main objective is the recovery and redistribution of the residual energy from the processing of the liquefied natural gas. Currently the project provides heating and cooling to various small customers. By 2017, EcoEnergies aims to provide cooling for Barcelona’s central market (MERCABARNA), bringing the capacity of the project to over 50 megawatts.

Name of government: Barcelona City Council
Country: Spain
Population: 1.602.386 (2014)
Area: 102.16 km2
Head of Government Mayor Mrs. Ada Colau
Current term June 2015 – June 2019
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