Composting facility in the Wilaya of Oran

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Waste management, Water

Although composting is an age-old practice, Algeria has thus far implemented no composting initiatives at the municipal level to deal with organic waste. Oran has taken the lead with the installation of a pilot composting unit for organic waste in September 2015 at the Hassif Bounif landfill. This is part of a wider initiative for more sustainable management and the valorization of waste. Currently the project deals only with organic waste from the neighborhood wholesaler (4–12 tons of waste per day) and with green waste from the municipal landscaping company, but the initiative will be extended to household organic waste in the future.

Name of government: Province of Oran
Country: Algeria
Population: 1.822.000
Area: 2121 km2
Head of Government Wali Abdelghani Zaalane
Current term
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