Opportunities for partners

The TAP is proud to present opportunities for local governments on behalf of TAP partners. Whether they are funding opportunities or chances to build technical capacity, the various calls below are open to submission from local governments around the world.

Name Deadline Description Eligibility
Urban Innovative Action 12 December 2019 The UIA Initiative has launched its fifth Call for Proposals. The call is aimed at providing urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Any urban authority of a local administrative unit defined according to the degree of urbanisation as city, town or suburb comprising at least 50 000 inhabitants. Additionally, any association or grouping of urban authorities of local administrative units defined according to the degree of urbanisation as city, town or suburb where the total population is at least 50 000 inhabitants; this can include cross-border associations or groupings, associations or groupings in different regions and/or Member States. More in the Terms of Reference.
MIT Solve 14 January 2020 How can consumers, businesses, and governments in Latin America and the Caribbean substantially reduce or eliminate single-use plastic and plastic waste? The Rethink Plastics Challenge is organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and is open to contestants from member countries of the IDB and the Inter-American Investment Corporation. Contestants may be individuals or organizations and are responsible for compliance with legal requirements of their country.
The Clean Oceans Initiative 2018-2023 The European Investment Banks (EIB) Clean Oceans Initiative (COI) jointly with the KfW group and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) will provide up to €2 billion in lending over the next five years to help the public and private sectors implement sustainable projects that collect plastics and other waste and clean up wastewater before it reaches the ocean. The Clean Oceans Initiative targets the following areas: • Collection, recycling and disposal of plastics and other waste: projects that focus on plastics and waste collected on land, from rivers and from coastal areas of the seas. • Waste management in ports and harbours: projects that reduce the discharge of plastics and other waste into ports and harbours. • Innovative plastics: projects that reduce plastics discharge into oceans or develop new reusable/recyclable plastic products or bio-degradable plastic materials. • Wastewater collection and treatment: projects that help wastewater collection networks and treatment plants reduce the discharge of plastics into rivers and oceans. • Urban stormwater management systems: projects that prevent waste and plastics from entering waterways during rains and floods.
Climate lab call for ideas 20 December 2019 The Lab is seeking ideas for financial instruments that can unlock investment for climate mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries. For the 2020 cycle, the Lab has a special call for ideas that target sustainable energy access, sustainable cities, sustainable agriculture, and nature-based solutions, and that target the geographies of India, Brazil, and Southern Africa. Ideas that target other sectors will also be considered.
Global Climate City Challenge 28 February 2019 The Challenge is part of a new partnership under the umbrella of Global Urbis, an ambitious global initiative announced during the One Planet Summit in Paris in December 2017 that provides cities and local governments around the globe with technical assistance and financing for climate action. The Challenge is open to municipal and local authorities or entities such as municipal companies, utilities and local banks with an interest in addressing climate change.

NOTE: Applications submitted to the TAP can also be used for this opportunity.

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