Parque Capibaribe – Caminho das Capivaras

Focus: Adaptation, Mitigation
Sector(s): Education / Social & governance innovation, Urban planning & design

As part of its sustainability plan, Recife is constructing a park along with 31 kilometers of the Capibaribe River, which runs through the city. The development of the park will be coordinated by the Innovation and Research Laboratory for Cities (InCiti), and the city is planning extensive engagement with citizens through workshops, trials, exhibitions and surveys. The park will strengthen natural ecosystems, increase the use of non-motorized transport and further partnerships for other sustainability projects. By engaging citizens, the city will also promote behavioral change. The city hopes to reach around 500,000 people through the Capibaribe Park project.

Name of government: Municipality of Recife
Country: Brazil
Population: 1.537.704 (2010)
Area: 218.435 km²
Head of Government Prefeito da Cidade do Recife Geraldo Julio Melo
Current term 01.01.2012 –
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