Low Emissions Oriented Solid Waste Management in Gwalior

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Waste management, Water

At present, Gwalior generates approximately 300 tons per day of solid waste, much of which is dumped at informal landfills. To resolve this issue, Gwalior is putting in place the infrastructure and tools for sustainable waste management. The existing Solid Waste Management Facility, which produces fuel and compost from solid waste, will be renovated. In addition, the city will provide collection and transportation services, and will also reclaim the space currently used for landfill. The project will improve hygiene and living standards in the city, and by reducing the amount of landfill it will also improve water quality.

Name of government: Gwalior Municipal Corporation
Country: India
Population: 1.053.505 (2011)
Area: 289.85 km2
Head of Government Municipal Commissioner Ajay Gupta
Current term
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