Implementation of NMT (Non-Motorized Transport) Master Plan for Kochi with Pilots at CUSAT and Kalamassery

Focus: Mitigation
Sector(s): Ecomobility / Sustainable transport

In Kochi, the lack of a cohesive and modern public transport network marginalizes significant portion of the population. Kochi has therefore begun to prepare a Non-Motorized Transport Master Plan, which will identify a network for walking and cycling facilities, along with area improvement proposals to encourage active use of public spaces, walking, cycling and use of public transport systems. Close to 94 percent and 73 percent of residents surveyed within the project area have showed their willingness to shift towards walking and cycling respectively, if safe, accessible and comfortable infrastructure is provided. As well as making the city more inclusive, it will contribute to greenhouse gas emissions reductions and will help to reduce air pollution.

Name of government: Kochi Prefectural Government
Country: India
Population: 602.046 (2011)
Area: 94.88 km2
Head of Government Mayor TONY CHAMMANY
Current term
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