Action Statement

Cities and regions have long been at the forefront of climate action. They are not only increasingly active and organized but also have executive and administrative power over crucial sectors, play a driving role in mobilizing key stakeholders and could reap substantial socioeconomic benefits from investments.

To ensure local and regional governments can optimize their effectiveness in addressing climate change, there are two key issues to be urgently addressed. First, local climate action must be accelerated through rapid expansion of financial resources that are readily accessible to and optimal for local and regional governments. Yet climate finance is often inaccessible at the local and regional levels, and where available, it is highly complex. Second, the demand for good quality projects requires investment of expertise and capacity development to create a strong pipeline of transformative local climate projects. Building local government capacity is key to preparing and developing sustainable and financially attractive actions.

The TAP strives to remove existing and unnecessary barriers and direct attention toward a variety of exemplary projects. The program will also help identify needs and challenges among TAP participants and respond to them through capacity development.

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